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To make a reservation we will need the following information:


  • Villa you want to rent

  • Period you want to rent

  • Name

  • Address

  • A Telephone

  • If you want to rent packages of sheets and how many, (the information of the rental of sheets can be found below).

Sheets rental

If you are interested, you can rent packets of sheets for € 18 per person for each week / change, or if you want to use the same sheets during your stay, 32 or 40 euros for 2 or 3 weeks respectively.


The sheet package consists of sheets, towels, bath mat, kitchen towels and covers for the lounger cushions.


You can also rent beach towels (100 x 190) for € 3.00 per person.



The price of the final cleaning is paid separately and depends on the size of the villa:


  • Villas for up to 6 people € 110

  • Villas for 7 to 8 people € 140

  • Villas for 10 people € 140

  • Villas for 12 people € 160

  • Villas for 22 people € 180

Deposit and energy cost


Upon arrival at the villa you must give us a deposit (the deposit depends on the size of the villa) that will be credited to your bank account after your departure and the electricity and gas costs have been deducted (according to use € 0.34 p / kWh for electricity)

Success! Message received.

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